The structure of an interface is an/a unique experience. Webpages, applications and devices change the way we think, the way we make choices. We focus on people who will use the designed solutions and make sure that the experience is optimal/just right.
Through the design thinking and technological possibilities KODA delivers even the most advanced solutions in a user-friendly way. We provide the right balance between your expectations and the needs of your clients.


The legendary Dieter Rams once said: “Good design is as little design as possible”. We follow in his footsteps/words, which is why in our projects you will not find any unnecessary elements which could distract the attention from their core meaning. We make sure that the whole graphic communication of the brand is led in a consistent, compatible with brand’s philosophy way.


Bringing graphic projects to life in a form of responsive web pages, web applications and mobile applications for iOS and Android is what fascinates us. To deliver the optimal solutions we’ve  developed our own, original framework which enables/provides precise control of responsivity and correct/proper performance of designed solution.


Under the KODAcontent name we combine the aspects of Content Marketing, SEO and SEM. The success in those areas depends on keeping the right balance between generated content and the sources of its publications. We provide it through keeping track of newest trends and the ability of quick adaptation. We know how to choose right tools to achieve the results you expect. Through the complete analysis of your problem we can also indicate additional potential areas of activity.


Taking step ahead in creating unique user experience we developed our own strategy called feat. Feat uses music, fashion, photography everywhere where brand can be featured, in the role of an ambassador, appearing in places that awake positive emotions in viewers/consumers./c